What is Pure Source?

PureSrc is a technology strategy agency focused on finding the right solutions for your technology needs.  We provide open source technology solutions on the business, enterprise, and national levels.  With nearly 2 decades of providing open source solutions we are confident we can help you achieve your technology needs.

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PureSrc Defense services refers to the development and implementation of software systems for the complete cycle of preparing, preventing, detecting, managing, responding, recovering with regards to emergency situations (fire, terrorist attack, natural disaster, accident, etc. ).

Experience building and managing

  • Public Safety Systems
  • Emergency Response Systems
  • GIS Services
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PureSrc Learning refers to the development and implementation of software systems for the complete cycle of online learning (assessments, courses, content delivery, rubric).

Experience building and managing

  • Learning Management Systems
  • Scorm and QTI Content
  • Integration Services
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Arrested – Grails Plugin

We support Open Source!

We developed a FREE RESTful code generator for Grails.

The Arrested plugin is a code generating grails plugin; it generates RESTful controllers for your GORM objects, AngularJS based Javascript to access the controllers, and HTML5 and CSS3 responsive views; that’s right we write your HTML and Javascript code for you!

The framework also provides a simple OAuth2 like security framework that you can extend to fit your needs; or contact us and we’ll do it for you.  Did I mention we write Unit and Integration tests for your REST controllers too?

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Our Latest Work


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What Our Clients Say

I worked with Purersc after I hired them for project work. The team there has worked closely with me on a consulting level on projects ranging from learning management, events, and content management solutions as well as custom solution development.

Puresrc has become my go-to source for solutions and advice because of their ability to complete complex projects, no matter what stage they are in. Their goal-focused approach ensures the objectives of the stakeholders are met. In one scenario, Puresrc salvaged a long-running, poorly executed project in less than 45 workdays. This turnaround is indicative of their commitment to following through with client requirements, as well as their ability to guarantee client success.

– Thomas Squeo - Chief Information Officer, Measured Progress

I was first introduced to PureSrc a number of years ago. My company chose to work with them on several R&D projects in the mobile gaming space. We also worked very closely together on various enterprise e-learning projects. My time spent with PureSrc during these projects was one of the best experiences I’ve had with a partnership group to date.

So, when I had a requirement for a “Prototype” model to showcase my company, PureSrc was one of the first companies I reached out to. Immediately, I knew we had the right team. Even before we signed a Partnership Agreement, the PureSrc team began brainstorming and putting solutions on the table. Throughout the process, the PureSrc team was passionate about the project – almost to the extent that it felt I was helping them on their project.

The PureSrc team very quickly becomes an integral part of your company. They walk you through all parts of the process and are always aware of your needs and highest priorities. They push hard to deliver, never over-promising, but always delivering. Their thought process is unmatched and their solutions work.

– Ciaran Morris, Director, CgMation.